Meet the therapist

Nancy Just believes that counseling and the healing arts assist one on a sacred journey through change. As change can be intimidating, Nancy believes that it can also be a beautiful, graceful experience.

Metamorphosis Counseling and Healing Arts believes that the counseling process allows you to co-create your life, as we empower you to become the person you want to become. We honor your process, help you navigate through your thoughts and feelings regarding certain life situations, and help you increase self-awareness in your present, as counseling not only helps one through times of crisis, but can provide you with a safe place to explore yourself and everything about you.

Any crossroads in life allows one to choose either a breakdown or a breakthrough. At Metamorphosis Counseling and Healing Arts, we assist you in choosing a breakthrough, so that your growth becomes a metamorphosis, so that you can consciously create yourself from what you once were to something that you choose to become.

It is my belief that the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative partnership in which I am committed to helping guide you on your journey through personal growth. My approach to therapy is versatile and eclectic, as I believe counseling is most effective when I am able to adapt my approach to your needs, rather than expect you to fit into my approach. Together, we can work through issues surrounding your mood, behavior, insight, self-esteem, trauma, relationship issues, family or origin issues, stress management, addiction issues, to name a few, through a myriad of treatment modalities that will best serve you.

Whether you are seeking services for mental health and/or substance abuse, we are able to address whatever you need as I am a certified addictions counselor and a licensed professional counselor. I utilize humanistic, interpersonal, mind-body, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, existential, and relapse prevention modalities, when appropriate, to suit you.

Counseling is a healing journey and it is my job to help foster the growth within you. Along with some of the issues we can address described above, as a certified yoga instructor, I can also encorporate meditation, yoga, visualization, and other healing arts into my approach, if and when appropriate.

We currently accept cash, check, credit card, and accept the following insurance: Aetna, Cigna and Cofininity.

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I have seen many psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc. in my long battle with depression and SAD, Nancy is one of the most skilled counselors I have ever worked with. I pay her out of pocket, because she's not on my insurance, and I wouldn't change for anything! Thanks, Nancy! I've made lots of progress since I started working with you.
~ Marie P.